Community Inclusion
Albertina Kerr’s Community Inclusion program offers opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to participate in the workforce, join in community activities and pursue hobbies that enrich their lives.  The goal is for the people we serve to reach their own potential through expanded social relationships and increased independence, productivity and community integration.

Through employment services, we offer opportunities for individuals to participate in meaningful work. Jobs are developed on the basis of each person's skill level and interests. People contribute to the workforce, gain a sense of accomplishment, share talents with others and develop new social relationships.

We also offer opportunities  for people to explore different  hobbies, develop interests, take classes, attend public events, do volunteer work, or just get out to experience life in their community. These experiences give individuals the opportunity to be a part of their local  community and to develop new friendships and diverse social  networks.

Check out the latest Community Inclusion program video featuring Port City's employment programs: