Becoming a foster parent is both rewarding and challenging.

We are asked to care for children who have experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse. They are children who may be struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. They experience challenges at school and may lag behind their peers because they have changed schools each time they have moved homes.

Many come with attachment issues affecting their abilities to bond and form relationships. Some are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other psychological challenges (bi-polar, oppositional defiance, ADHD, etc.).

Whatever challenges they face, all children need a safe, supportive environment in order to thrive. As a Kerr Foster Care Parent you will work in collaboration with a close-knit team of other adults to provide exactly what the child needs to heal, learn, grow and be successful.


Are you interested in learning more about becoming a foster care provider?

Please contact Albertina Kerr's foster care team by phone at 503-290-4000 or by