Becoming a foster care provider can be challenging and very rewarding. The Albertina Kerr team will be there beside you all along the way, including the first few steps toward becoming a foster care family:

  • Meet other foster care providers and learn more about foster care at an upcoming orientation;
  • Complete an Albertina Kerr Foster Care Provider application;
  • Attend and complete a pre-service training as well as program specific training prior to certification;
  • Participate in an assessment and home study;
  • Obtain certification and sign your contract;
  • Welcome a child into your home;
  • Attend ongoing training and support sessions.

In addition to the steps above, there are specific requirements for Albertina Kerr foster care providers which can include specialized trainings.

To learn more, please visit our FAQ page or contact a foster care team member at 503-290-4000.

In addition, Albertina Kerr has partnered with Morrison Child and Family Services to create the Foster Family Care Network, to provide information, guide and train foster parents. Learn more by visiting the Foster Family Care Network site or call 503-542-4011.






Are you interested in learning more about becoming a foster care provider?

Please contact Albertina Kerr's foster care team by phone at 503-290-4000 or by