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Community Partnerships

Albertina Kerr is very fortunate to have long standing community partners in Oregon. As a community partner, you have the opportunity to help children heal, keep families together and support adults to lead rich and fulfilling lives. It is with your support that this important work is possible, and we are committed to being the best possible stewards of your generosity. Albertina Kerr's community partners generously support Albertina Kerr throughout the year with cash contributions and participate in at least one of the following: volunteering, Grant a Wish Holiday Giving Program or support another in-kind donation opportunity. 

*Organizations that make an annual cash gift of $5,000 or more or an in-kind gift of $10,000 or more will be automatically recognized as a Community Partner. 

What You Can Expect as a Community Partner
Your gift will be used wisely. Albertina Kerr is one of the most cost efficient non-profit organizations in our community, spending 91 cents, on average, of every dollar on programs and services.

If you are interested in being a partner of Albertina Kerr, click on any of the links below to find an opportunity that suits your organization's philanthropic mission.

Our Community Partners

Event Sponsorship

Program Sponsorship

Group Volunteer Project

Workplace Giving

Host a Fundraiser

In-Kind Partner

Holiday Giving 



 Nanda Sturm
 Associate Director
 of Corporate
 Development and Giving