Aaron Hutchinson is one of the most dynamic and social artists at the studio. He greets people with a positive attitude and a smile and remembers everyone he meets. His favorite medium is painting, which he does with quick strokes and a vivid flash of color. Aaron says, “When I paint it reminds me of my feelings and things from the past.” Aaron likes to write on his paintings; the words are most often names of people who have been important in his life or have something to do with his favorite subjects: music, food, good sportsmanship and memory. Aaron says he likes the studio “because I feel supported and respected.”


Amy Protz
joined the ranks of Art from the Heart back in June 2011. Amy is a quiet yet colorful lady who likes a lot of vibrant color (her current favorites are hot pink and maroon) and her work reflects her personal flair. While at the studio Amy says she most likes to work on drawing, painting, ceramics, beading, and doll making. When she’s not making art, Amy enjoys watching TV, cleaning her room, and listening to her Hannah Montana and High School Musical CD’s. Amy lives in Gresham with her mom, Hoob, Madison, and her dog.


Andy Louie
has been an artist at Art from the Heart since 2007. He enjoys working in a variety of mediums, from painting and ceramics to working with fabrics. He is most passionate about weaving, knitting and crocheting and has taken a number of classes outside of the studio on these subjects. He enjoys learning new things, such as how to use the sewing machine, as well as helping other artists learn the subjects he knows well.


Ashley Smith
was born in Forest Grove, Oregon and has lived in the Portland area for her entire life. She has always loved drawing and this passion is what brought her to Art from the Heart. Ashley enjoys painting with watercolor and acrylic paints. She also makes ceramic masks. Her favorite subject for her artwork is her cat Evie.


Beth Winter
has been at Art From The Heart Since 2010. She grew up in Portland, Oregon. She enjoys looking at all the books at Art From The Heart to help inspire her art projects. Her favorite mediums to work in are watercolor paint and pencil drawing. Her favorite subject is outer space and she hopes that they discover life on other planets. Beth loves making up stories and one of her main goals this year is to make a comic book about a character President McWarblood who has a teddy bear.

Bion Mason arrived at Art from the Heart in January 2010. He’s a quiet, unassuming man who enjoys walking around the studio observing other people’s styles and gathering inspiration from his fellow artists. When he gets busy on his own projects, his style is uniquely his own. In the past he’s worked as a janitor and a dishwasher, but says that working here has been his favorite so far. Though Bion arrived with little previous art experience, he’s a natural when it comes to drawing, painting, and working with clay (his favorite medium). What he likes about Art from the Heart, he says, is “doing art, making stuff, and making friends.”

Brian Teters is an artist who draws his inspiration from his large collection of Disney, Superhero and animal books. He has a unique style of combining tracings, collage, and stickers, intertwining his favorite characters into a larger narrative. While working, he often quotes the characters from Harry Potter or Winnie the Pooh.


Christina “Chrissy” Chapman started attending Art from the Heart in March, 2012. Her preferred mediums are drawing, ceramics, and painting. Her work is inspired by animals, flowers, and “anything that comes to mind.” She likes to “just let it go on canvas.” She has a great sense of humor and loves to tell jokes around the studio. She likes attending the program because she “has so many friends” and likes to make money. Outside of work, “Chrissy” likes to spend time with family, watch some T.V. shows and hang out with her dog, Zoe.

Charlie Gillespie draws hundreds and hundreds of tiny overlapping people, broken down into simplistic lines and shapes using pencil and colored pencil. He often arranges these into bands of color, enticing the viewer to come in closer for a better look. In his drawings Charlie depicts his close friend, whom he considers a brother.

Deanna Poulson is an artist and janitor at the studio. She works in a variety of mediums, infusing each one with her playful blend of pattern and color. Her art is filled with exquisitely detailed creatures that are uniquely her own.

Derwin Pike was born in Oklahoma but has lived in Portland for many years. His favorite mediums are ceramics and painting. The subjects of his works are most often the sun, superheroes, video game characters, or depictions of good and evil. His favorite things about the studio are the friendships he has made and meeting other deaf individuals and people who know sign language.


Deonte Wade originally started at Art from the Heart during the summer only and returnepiked to attend year round in June 2013. He grew up in Portland as the oldest of 3 siblings. Deonte enjoys studying bus schedules and is thoroughly acquainted with all the routes. At Art from the Heart he prefers drawing and painting, usually in an abstract style, although he has branched out with ceramic mixed media, weaving, and card making. Deonte also enjoys making music and exploring the different instruments in the studio each week. 


Aaron Hobson started working at Art from the Heart in October, 2010. While at the studio, he says he most enjoys working on drawings and playing music. Aaron’s an easy-going, naturally-curious guy with a great sense of humor. He can often be found waltzing around, giving his best interpretations of friends, and quizzing people on his favorite “personal questions”. Besides working at Art From The Heart, Aaron also works 1 or 2 days a week at Safeway, volunteers at Loaves and Fishes, and is also actively involved with local theater company, Phame. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, playing piano, riding his bike, playing with his train set, going to church, and hanging out with family. 


Fred Rizk joined Art from the Heart in 1995. He enjoys any artistic process that involves tools, especially in the woodshop. His favorite subjects are birds, rainy Oregon days, musical instruments, and figures. His positive personality helps him connect with others, and he delights in pointing out similarities among us. Fred loves playing music, especially at Art from the Heart’s weekly improvisational jam where he does tonal vocals and plays percussive instruments.


Heidi Frisbie uses vibrant color and dynamic narrative elements to share glimpses of a happy universe, filled with fantastic characters, smiling woodland creatures and colorful rainbows. She usually prefers drawing and painting, but has been known to create her environments in three-dimensional sculpture. Heidi has also experimented with storytelling through making her own zine. In the past year, Heidi has experienced a lot of growth as an artist and has refined her unique style.


Jason Dunn loves to experiment with a variety of supplies, creating color studies of everything from oil pastels to colored pencils to paint. His favorite subjects for his art are “geometric shapes, space, people, and mountains or landscape—nice looking things.” His excitable enthusiasm has propelled him to a wide range of interests, including the performing arts of music and theater. He says he really enjoys the sense of community at Art from the Heart.


Jessica Boyer has been making art since she was a child. She loves to show her work—be it in ceramics, weaving, painting, drawing, sculpture or puppet theater and drama performances. She especially enjoys being on stage with an audience where she can shine. Jessica says, “Art makes me feel good,” and she loves to share her love of art with others. She feels that she is an emotional person and this impacts her process of making art. Jessica is a people person and especially enjoys communicating with American Sign Language.


John Kelting, Jr. is a busy man—a man utterly dedicated to his craft. His art is one of the most important things in his life, and he spends a good deal of his waking hours developing his talents. John started taking art classes when he was in high school and has been busy ever since. He started off doing “watercolor, sketching, and sculpting” and has moved on to doing a bit of “everything now.” His primary medium is gouache. John loves to watch movies (especially action, sci-fi, and mystery) and the stars of his favorite films are often the subjects of his paintings. John loves to showcase his huge body of work and keeps busy with solo shows at different venues around town. For more information about John, check out his website at



Matthew Salazar initially started working with Art from the Heart in July of 2012, joining us through the summer, and then taking time off to finish up his transition program. Luckily he came back to the program in the summer of 2013, and has been working several days a week ever since. Matthew is a thoughtful and curious young man with many interests. He's especially fond of movies, comics, Anime, reading, playing games, participating in Special Olympics, and spending time with his dog, Dallas. While in high school Matthew discovered that he had a knack for making art, particularly creating characters and developing stories to accompany them. Getting involved in the creative process, he says, helps him gain a new way of seeing the world. While at Art from the Heart, Matthew says that he most enjoys drawing, card making, and working in the wood shop. He also helps keep the studio clean by working as a janitor after the other artists have gone home for the day. In the future Matthew states that he'd like to learn more about computer design, animation and games, writing, Manga, and would someday like to meet Mark Crilley.  




Melanie Rickman joined Art from the Heart in 2009. She especially enjoys painting and singing at the studio, but she is up for any challenge presented by new, unfamiliar media. Her paintings are filled with bright colors and intricate details of floral themes or representations of nature. Melanie has explored creating with ceramics, mosaics, and fabric doll making. Her quiet demeanor leads some to believe that she is shy, but Melanie has a great, goofy sense of humor and enjoys chatting with everyone.


Michael Griffin is both an artist and janitor at the studio. He can always be found listening to rock and hip hop music on his headphones while he works on his pieces. His favorite mediums are drawing and painting, and in both Michael likes to use as bright and vibrant of colors as possible. Michael’s favorite subjects for his art are himself, his family, houses, and buses and each of these themes are repeated day-after-day in whatever medium he works in.


PJ Kalhar joined the Art from the Heart community in August of 2012. PJ is an energetic, fun-loving, and sensitive young man, who loves to laugh with friends and is always ready to support someone that is struggling. PJ is passionate about automobiles and enjoys creating unique and colorful representations of them in a wide variety of mediums. PJ says that he truly enjoys working as an artist at Art from the Heart because, “It so cool,” and “it feels like home.”

Phillip Klover is a young artist whose exuberant energy is the first thing you’ll notice about him. He is an independent person who enjoys both work and travel. His incredible sense of humor permeates both his interactions and his artwork. He is drawn to working in ceramics and theater.


Rachel Borkan started at Art from the Heart in 2011. She is excited about drawing, and has begun creating works in painting, ceramics and doll making. Rachel says, “I’m a relaxed person-I don’t get nervous and upset when trying new things.” Indeed her smile brightens up the studio two days a week where she shares space with old friends from Phame, a performing troupe she worked with for many years, and new friends.




Rebecca Smouse was born in Baker City, Oregon, but has lived in Portland for most of her life. Her favorite mediums are drawing and ceramics. It is important for her that her work tells a story. Her artwork investigates religious themes and her cultural heritage. Rebecca believes art “has to have something in it that could touch you.” She says doing art helps her relax and keep a positive attitude. Her favorite psalm from the bible is Jeremiah 29:11.



Richard Taccogna brings his love of puns and costumes to the studio. He once said, “This will be a very moooo-ving experience” while wearing his cow costume. He has a great love for performing and showcasing his tremendous sense of humor. He also enjoys drawing, doll making and weaving.


Shea Arnold started coming to the studio in July, 2012. Her favorite styles, she says, are Modern Art and Abstract. She’s open to trying many different mediums, though her favorites are painting and working with clay. About Art from the Heart, she states that she likes “the people, making friends, and showing off art on display.” In her spare time she enjoys playing basketball, watching T.V., hanging out with friends, and being active in Young Life.



Terrie Bush likes to express herself by “letting it all out” using bright, psychedelic colors in her work. Her favorite medium is clay, but she enjoys painting and fiber arts as well. When she was 12 years old, she was in a serious car accident resulting in a brain injury causing her to switch from being right to left-handed. Terrie is proud that she has “come back all this way to give to the art world”.



Terry Holt has been an artist at Art from the Heart since 1995. He is a jack-of-all-trades, enjoying painting, ceramics, woodworking, printmaking, weaving, collage and music. Terry’s abstract canvases consist of layers of bold, vibrant color and often have a theme of circles, numbers, and math problems. Terry especially likes the structure of attending classes at the studio, while also enjoying opportunities to go out and about around town. Terry is a lover of watches, calculators, radios and schedules and he helps hold down a steady beat during our weekly improvisational jam session.


Virgil Neff loves computers and he spends much of his day on them, playing games and teaching programming. Virgil’s interest in Laura Ingalls Wilder and The Little House on the Prairie book series have lead him to travel to historical sites across the country to learn more about her, and it explains the theme of covered wagons in his artwork. He is fond of talking about his relatives and going to family reunions, another theme in his work. Virgil’s favorite parts about Art from the Heart are participating in classes and having books read out loud to him. He especially enjoys the process of print.


Yuliya Lopanova was born and raised in Uzbekistan and moved with her older sister to Portland, Oregon in 2009. Yuliya started at Art from the Heart in 2013 and has grown both as an individual and an artist. She has always loved to draw and use color, and this lifelong love and practice shows in the beautifully flowing colored pencil and watercolor work that she creates in the studio. Yuliya also loves to dance and sing, so much so that it is not uncommon to find her singing and strumming an air guitar in between brush stokes while she is developing a painting or drawing. Yuliya brings a wonderful light-hearted and bubbly personality, lots of giggling laughter, and vibrant energy to the Art from the Heart community. 



Amy Osborn joined Art from the Heart in December of 2012 and brought with her a colorful personality that shines through a variety of artistic works. From creating unique mixed media pieces to vibrant abstract drawings, Amy enjoys a wide range of mediums. Amy also enjoys getting into character as part of Art from the Heart's theater group. When not at Art from the Heart, Amy loves watching her favorite television shows at  home and attending Camp Kiwanis in the summer. 



Warren Pyatt joined Art from the Heart in February, 2014. In the past he has worked as a dishwasher and prep cook, though making art has been a life-long passion. When Warren was 10 years old his grandma inspired him to make landscape paintings, and he has been involved in making art ever since. His favorite mediums are working with clay, acrylic paint, sculpture, and drawing to music. He describes his personality as "calm and excitable", and describes his artistic style as abstract- a reflection of how he sees things. Besides visual art, Warren likes to listen to music, cook, write poetry and read comics on the web. His goal- to continue to make art. 

Crystal Blake joined Art from the Heart in 2014. She was born in Los Angeles and moved to Portland when she was 12 years old. Her favorite mediums are drawing and ceramics, which she learned how to do in high school. She is often found working on intricately patterned drawings of spaces populated with characters. One of her favorite subjects is Barry Manilow. She even got to meet him at one of his concerts. Crystal's favorite pastimes are reading Babysitters Club and spending time with her pets, friends and family. Her easygoing nature and sense of humor make her a joy to be around. 

Nikah joined Art from the Heart in July of 2014.  She loves working on collages, often featuring humorous subjects and compositions.  Her workspace is generally filled with bits of sequins, lace, magazine clippings and googley eyes galore!  She says “I like making art because it feels like I’ve achieved something.   I love having a space to both work on and sell my artwork.” 

Ivy Pantoja started making at 4 years old when her parents bought her first easel. She is a cancer survivor who now enjoys making and selling her artwork. She enjoys playing video games with her brother and baking with her sister. She doesn’t have a favorite medium, but rather says, “I make whatever my hands make.” Ivy has an excellent sense of humor and loves joking around with other artists at the studio. She enjoys making those around her laugh and seeing their smiles.
Nuvia Martinez-Corrales started drawing when she was 12 years old. She likes to draw hearts, animals and flowers, especially sunflowers - her favorite. She is excited to learn how to draw new things. She enjoys working in many mediums but really loves drawing ceramics. Nuvia enjoys coming to Art from the Heart to make art and money! She says, "When I'm stressed out, art calms me down." When she's not making art, she likes going to the park, spending time with family and friends and watching movies. Her favorite is Titanic. 

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