Albertina Kerr has three boards — the Governing Board, the Board of Trustees which oversees the Albertina Kerr Centers’ Foundation, and an Ambassador Board. 

Both the Governing Board and Board of Trustees are self-nominating boards. Members and trustees are selected for service based upon a strong interest in the mission of the organization; high integrity and ethical standards; possession of skills, abilities and experience that are consistent with governing and supporting the work of the organization; an ability to commit sufficient time to board service; the willingness to be an ambassador for the organization in the community; and, the willingness to personally donate to and actively participate in the fundraising activities of the organization.

Our Ambassador Board aims to grow and hone young business leaders to become volunteers and supporters of Kerr and creates a pipeline for these young leaders onto the Kerr Governing Board, Foundation Trustees and other volunteer committees and provides them the opportunity to interact with existing board members throughout the year.  

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