Volunteer Promise

At Albertina Kerr, we hope all our volunteers can maximize their skills and interests to make their volunteer experience with us both memorable and meaningful.  Working together, your time will make an impact on the lives of the Oregonians we serve. 

Our Volunteer Promise ensures:
  • Your time will be used wisely. Albertina Kerr is focused on using the talents of our volunteers to make the greatest impact where and when it is most needed.
  • Volunteers will receive all necessary trainings to maintain the highest standards in our program, development and business operations.
  • We will do our best to place volunteers according to their wishes. We promise to offer a range of volunteer involvement opportunities where your skills and input will impact lives.
  • Expect appreciation and recognition.  All volunteers are important to the work of Albertina Kerr and each individual will be appreciated for their efforts towards fulfilling our mission.
  • Your privacy and security of personal information is our top concern. Our privacy and security statement is posted on the Albertina Kerr website. We will not sell, share or give your name or information to other organizations.
  • You can ask any question and receive prompt truthful answers. We strive to be as transparent as possible in our operations.
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