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Outpatient Care

Telemedicine services for Kerr’s Outpatient Mental Health Services are available: please click here.

If you or someone you know needs help for a child with a mental health challenge,
call us at 503-408-4705 and choose option 1.

More about Outpatient Care

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Clinic-based care

Clinic-based outpatient services are offered at our Gresham Campus for children and teens (ages 3 to 17) with behavioral and mental health challenges. Treatment can include individual and family therapy, skills training, and family support. Services focus on building skills to promote a child’s success and safety in the home, emotional regulation, and engagement in their community.

Community-based care

We also provide Intensive Community-Based Outpatient Services for children and teens (ages 3 to 17) who demonstrate an imminent safety risk to themselves or others. Treatment includes 24-hour crisis support, skills training, family support, and medication management. Services can occur in homes, schools, or other community settings.

What to expect at your first appointment

A lot of questions and a lot of paperwork.

At your first appointment we will be doing two things. The first is reviewing and signing a lot of paperwork. This paperwork will describe our agency’s practices and policies. Second, is begin the assessment process, exploring all of the strengths and struggles you and your family have had in the past and are currently having. Our goal at this first appointment is to better understand who you are, why you are starting services with us at this time, and where you would like to be when we end services.