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Albertina Kerr’s amazing Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the heart and soul of everything we do to help people experiencing intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. It’s essential work! Their compassion, patience, and understanding shines brightly to support our clients—24/7.

Chelsy Silva (pictured above)—Going Above and Beyond
With Kerr for over 10 years, Chelsy Silva sticks by her clients when they need her most. She doesn’t hesitate to put her own life on hold to ensure the residents Kerr serves are safe, healthy, and happy. On one occasion, Chelsy was nearing the end of her shift when she noticed one of the residents wasn’t doing well. Because this individual has difficulty communicating, she insisted on travelling to the Emergency Department with him to help him receive proper careeven though she had made plans that evening with her daughter—she wouldn’t leave his side. Chelsy takes the meaning of caregiver to a new level.

LaToya Propps—A Devoted Advocate
Although she tends to be on the quiet side, LaToya Propps is not afraid to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. When visiting one of her clients in the hospital, she overheard disparaging remarks. With her quiet strength, she explained to the health professional that even though her client is nonverbal, she hears everything being said. And, she has feelings just like you and me. The parents of this child overheard her amazing advocacy and are grateful LaToya is in their daughter’s life. LaToya truly has a big heart.

Ashlee Stone—Compassionate Care
Ashlee Stone enjoys helping Kerr’s clients grow and succeed in their daily lives. Helping out wherever she can, her joy is contagious to everyone in her presence. Every day, Ashlee is a selfless team player who is always helping new staff become comfortable in their caregiver role. She leads with compassion and understanding, making a difference in the lives of those Kerr serves, as well as the lives of her fellow coworkers. Ashlee is a living example of a true superhero, positively touching everyone in her path.

Jezette Watkins—Uplifting Lives
Jezette Watkins loves people. Her warm, cheerful manner puts everyone at ease. It’s not surprising that she can resolve difficult situations with remarkable patience and tact. The residents in the group home she works in can count on her compassionate guidance and encouragement. Whatever it takes for Kerr’s clients to be successful, Jezette is there to help. She always is lifting the spirits of those around her.