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Champion Angels for Kerr have challenged the norm to create a society that has no barriers by contributing more than $1,000 annually to Albertina Kerr. Since 2004, this special group has raised more than $2.5 million for the most vulnerable in our community.

Join us and make your gift today!

 Therapeutic Foster Care

Safe and caring homes for foster children with mental health challenges that  require special services and therapy. Staff train and provide a wide range of 24-hour support to foster families to create a sense of safety and security.

A gift of $1,000 will cover the gap in funding for a child in Kerr's Therapeutic Foster Care Program for more than 48 days.

Click here to make a gift in any amount to Therapeutic Foster Care.  

Crisis Psychiatric Care

Short-term residential care and 24-hour access to mental health professionals for children with urgent mental health crises. Kerr works to stabilize children in crisis, provide effective mental health treatment and ultimately return the child to their home or a less intense level of care.

A gift of $1,500 will cover the gap in funding for a child in Kerr's Crisis Psychiatric Care Program for the entire length of 48 days. 

Click here to make a gift in any amount to Crisis Psychiatric Care. 

Community Inclusion

Programs for people with developmental disabilities that gives them the opportunity to participate in the workforce, join in activities and pursue hobbies that enrich their lives, leading to increased independence and community involvement. 

A gift of $2,000 will cover the gap in funding for an individual participating in Kerr's Community Inclusion Program for more than one year.

Click here to make a gift in any amount to Community Inclusion. 

Support the Program Most in Need

Albertina Kerr offers a wide range of services for children, families and adults facing mental health challenges and developmental disabilities. 

Albertina Kerr serves approximately 1,200 children, adults and their families each year.

A gift of any amount is a smart investment. On average, 91 cents of every dollar is dedicated to delivering Kerr programs and services.

Click here to make an unrestricted gift in any amount.  


When you reach out to the most vulnerable and give back to your community, families are supported and children have a reason to smile.

To join the Champion Angels Gift Society, Please contact Joshua Goldstein, Associate Director of Individual and Planned Giving, at
 503-262-0188 or email