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Albertina Kerr

Kerr empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and mental health challenges to lead self-determined lives in their communities.

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At Kerr, we support and empower the most vulnerable among us with the simple goal of helping them survive, thrive, and lead more fulfilling lives.

“I truly believe that Albertina Kerr, for us, was a matter of life and death and I feel like we have our life back.”

– Parent of a Crisis Psychiatric Care client

Crisis Psychiatric Care for Youth

When a child or teen struggles with life’s challenges, Kerr is here. We offer short-term, inpatient crisis psychiatric care.

I/DD Residential and Enrichment Services

For children, teens, and adults with I/DD, Kerr is home, community, fulfillment, and joy.


“Everything you take for granted, our son struggles with. Kerr allows us to be parents and love our child, instead of figuring out how to be professional caregivers.”

– Parent of a Group Home resident

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Mack’s Story

Mack Beatty has overcome personal barriers to make contributions that improve the lives of his peers.

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Making a Difference

Our incredible staff make a difference in people’s lives every day.

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Wynne Watts Commons

Learn about Wynne Watts Commons, Albertina Kerr’s affordable and inclusive housing project.

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Our Impact

“Our child has autism spectrum disorder. She struggles with everything you take for granted. Having Kerr in our lives has allowed us to be parents and love our child instead of trying to figure out how to be professional caregivers.”


-Parent of a Group Home resident


Your donations provide a lifeline and hope for those who need us most.


Volunteers make a meaningful difference for the people we serve.

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Stay informed about Kerr and the people we serve.