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With a person-centered approach, Kerr’s Employment Services matches community employers with client employees who have intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and provides ongoing support to ensure positive results.

Services for Employers

Job development services

Our team of job developers will:

  • Pre-screen job seekers to determine their skills and abilities.
  • Learn about your employment needs and match the right job seeker with your business.
  • Discuss the necessary accommodations needed and work with Vocational Rehabilitation to fulfill them.
  • Help educate your business on meeting DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) standards.
Job coach services

Once you hire one of our job seekers, your new employee will be matched with a Kerr job coach.

Your Kerr job coach will:

  • Develop task lists or other aids to facilitate learning job duties.
  • Perform task analysis to discover and solve any productivity issues.
  • Assess environmental stressors and suggest modifications.
  • Encourage and promote inclusive workplace practices.
  • Facilitate communication between your supervisors and your new employee.
  • Follow up on any additional training needs.

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