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Albertina Kerr Report to the Community



In 2012-13, Albertina Kerr continued to expand the capacity and breadth of our services for people with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges Read the full report here or download this printer friendly version. Here are some highlights:

  • Albertina Kerr was once again named among Oregon’s top 10 most admired non-profits in a survey by the Portland Business Journal of more than 1,500 CEO's and business leaders.

  • Albertina Kerr launched Community Promise, a four-year capital campaign.

  • Port City Development, an employment program that provides career and social support for 145 adults with developmental disabilites, became part of Albertina Kerr.

  • Albertina Kerr took steps toward an October 1, 2013, merger with Children’s Developmental Health Institute (Children’s). 

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