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As we celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), we spotlight Molly’s employment journey—a shining example of what determination, hard work, and unwavering support can achieve.

Molly was among the inaugural interns at Albertina Kerr’s Project SEARCH with Multnomah County’s Division of County Services that began in the fall of 2022. The nine-month program allowed Molly to refine her time management, professional communication, and computer skills.

Molly’s infectious friendliness, optimism, and sense of humor light up every room she enters. Her journey, however, was not without its share of challenges. As she navigated the professional landscape, she had moments of growth, learning the art of accountability and the importance of self-advocacy when seeking support.

On graduation day, she confidently took the stage before an audience of over 100. Her nearly five-minute presentation about her time in the program was a testament to her personal and professional growth.

In less than three months since her graduation, with the support of Kerr’s job development team, she secured a part-time position as a caregiver at a retirement home. This position is a testament to her passion for helping others and her pursuit of becoming a nurse.

Reflecting on her achievements, Molly says, “I’m proud of myself for getting a job. I want to thank my Kerr Job Developer, Tamara Stone, for helping me find the perfect job.”

Her parents added, “We’re so proud of Molly and grateful to the team at Kerr for preparing her and then matching her unique skill set to the perfect job for her. It would not have been possible without the job coaches, skills trainers, and job development support at Kerr’s Project SEARCH.”

Congratulations, Molly!