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Left to Right: Allison Stark, CEO, Albertina Kerr and Nadja Sailesman, CEO, Exceed Enterprises

PORTLAND, Ore., July 1, 2024—Respected Oregon nonprofits Albertina Kerr and Exceed Enterprises are excited to announce their merger, effective August 1, 2024, under the name Albertina Kerr. With a combined 167 years of service, this strategic union, driven by a shared commitment to serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and mental health challenges, aims to maximize impact by uniting their robust programs under one organization.

“Both well-loved nonprofits have decades of history empowering people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to meet their goals,” said Allison Stark, CEO of Albertina Kerr. “By combining forces, Albertina Kerr will now be the largest provider of supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the State of Oregon, enhancing services, expanding reach, and increasing efficiencies.”

Nadja Sailesman, CEO of Exceed Enterprises, added, “We will be able to meet even more clients where they are, providing the same person-centered support to get them where they want to be as we evolve to increase our capacity and expertise.”

With unanimous support from both organizations’ boards of directors, this merger represents a significant milestone in their collective journey. Exceed Board Members Aaron Goff, President/CEO at Embold Credit Union, and Judy Powell, Owner of Benefit Resources Inc., will join the Kerr Governing Board of Directors.

“By combining our strengths and resources, we can create a more comprehensive support system for individuals with I/DD and mental health challenges. This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to enhancing the quality of life for those we serve,” said Goff, President, Exceed Enterprises Board of Directors.

“Uniting our organizations marks a pivotal step forward in Kerr’s mission to empower people with I/DD and mental health challenges to lead self-determined lives in their communities. Together, we can achieve a greater impact and continue to build stronger, more inclusive communities,” said Paul Litwinczuk, Chair, Albertina Kerr Governing Board of Directors. 

Together as Albertina Kerr, they will:

Expand their reach, serving even more people with I/DD and mental health challenges to amplify their collective impact. Kerr’s operational scale, structure, and efficiencies will provide a solid foundation for an even more significant impact in Oregon.

Deepen their connection with the communities they serve. All existing programming will continue under united leadership. Exceed clients can look forward to expanded services while engaging with their same support workers, now as clients of Albertina Kerr.

Accelerate our vision to empower even more people with I/DD and mental health challenges to lead self-determined lives in their communities.

Strengthen our advocacy: a larger platform to advocate for the rights and needs of the people we serve and the staff who support them.

 As part of the leadership integration, Sailesman will join the Kerr Senior Leadership Team as a Chief Program Officer, overseeing employment programs, Day Support Activities, Manufacturing, Assembly & Packaging, and Kerr’s inclusive, affordable housing (Wynne Watts Commons). She will work alongside Kerr’s current Chief Program Officer, Derrick Perry, who will continue to lead Kerr’s I/DD residential, mental health services, Crisis Psychiatric Care for Youth (Subacute), and Kerr Bikes. The team will unite the organizations under a shared mission, vision, and values, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity of services.

About Albertina Kerr
Founded in 1907 and serving clients throughout Oregon, Kerr is one of the oldest and largest human services providers in the Pacific Northwest. Kerr empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and mental health challenges to lead self-determined lives in their communities. Services include short- term crisis psychiatric care for youth, 24-hour residential care for adults with I/DD and youth with complex needs, and I/DD supported employment services. Kerr also developed and operates Wynne Watts Commons, an award-winning accessible, affordable, and sustainable residential community with 30 universally accessible units for adults with I/DD. Kerr operates Kerr Bikes, a family-friendly social enterprise for all abilities. Learn more at

About Exceed Enterprises
Founded in 1968 by two trailblazing mothers who wanted more activities and community engagement for their children, Exceed serves residents of eight counties with customized vocational, recreational, and personal development services. The organization helps clients exceed expectations—their own and those of society—by building skills, confidence, connections, and opportunities to be a vital part of the community. Learn more at