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Oregon Senate Bill 710 Report

Albertina Kerr is committed to providing services that are individualized, strengths-based, and promote resilience. Kerr will deliver services that are informed by the effects of trauma in the lives of clients and families we serve. Traumatic events include but are not limited to bigotry, physical and emotional violence, sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, exploitation, and witnessing violence committed toward others.

Kerr will deliver services that are sensitive to the individualized impacts of trauma and minimize the potential for creating new traumatic experiences through the following:

  1. Training for staff will include the development and implementation of trauma-informed services and will address secondary or vicarious trauma.
  2. All clients in Kerr programs are assessed for trauma at the beginning of treatment and throughout treatment.
  3. All cases of alleged or suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation are reported to appropriate authorities in accordance with organization policy and law and regulation.
  4. Clients and families will be included in planning, developing, and providing feedback regarding the policies and programming. This philosophy promotes a partnership between staff and clients/families, which will lead to empowerment and enrichment for both.
  5. Policies and operating procedures, individualized treatment plans, and clinical programming will continuously be examined to ensure services actively facilitate recovery.

Kerr utilizes the least restrictive interventions possible to maintain safety and is committed to using evidence-based practices that are trauma-informed and respect the dignity and rights of the client and families served. Kerr is approved by the Oregon Health Authority and the Department of Human Services to implement personal restraints in response to an unanticipated behavior that places the individual or others at serious threat of violence or injury if no intervention occurs and all other less restrictive.

  1. Kerr is committed to using Evidenced Based Practices to prevent, reduce, and eliminate the use of restraints and seclusions. Staff are trained in an approved intervention curriculum that includes de-escalation techniques. Staff utilize restraint and seclusion as a last result.
  2. Kerr informs families upon intake that while Kerr advocates minimal use of a restraint, it may sometimes be necessary to utilize restraints in response to an immediate risk of injury to a client or others, and not as a punishment, discipline, or for convenience.
  3. Client de-escalation and other non-intrusive interventions are employed whenever possible to interrupt aggressive or self-harming behaviors and assist the client in regaining self-control.
  4. Whenever possible, parents/guardians are consulted using assessments and interviews regarding crisis situations to solicit input on client de-escalation strategies and proposed interventions.

In compliance with Senate Bill 710, below are the summaries of restraints used in Kerr programs.