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(Pictured: Kerr Interim CEO Miki Herman (left) tours the construction mock-up of a Workforce & Inclusive Housing unit prototype. Photo credit: Ankrom Moisan)

With wood framing nearly complete, Albertina Kerr’s Workforce & Inclusive Housing Project is beginning to take shape. Interim CEO Miki Herman recently joined representatives from Pence Construction, Ankrom Moisan, Edlen & Co, and Green Hammer Design Build, to walk-through the site-built material mock-up of a unit prototype.

This microcosm provides a tangible, visual sample for the design team to review material selections—from the siding and roofing to the floor-to-ceiling, triple-paned windows and other energy efficient features— and if need be, to make modifications.

Rather than become construction waste, the temporary structure will be repurposed as a tiny home and donated to a local nonprofit homeless organization. “It was exciting to hear that we’re going to be donating the mock-up to an appropriate place that can utilize it,” Miki says. “This is just another example of how this project is responding to the pressing social needs of our community’s most vulnerable citizens.”