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Bring your group of Kerr champions together to celebrate!

Create your own Zoom party in a few easy steps!

  1. Use your Zoom account or sign up here.
  2. Schedule your “Virtual Party for Albertina Kerr” for 6 p.m., Sept. 12— to connect with your guests before the livestream starts at 6:30 p.m. Pro-tip: schedule your meeting without a password, enable video for host and participants, and disable the waiting room.
  3. Send invitations. Zoom has an option to copy the invite information and paste it into your email.
  4. Suggested message:
    Please join me Saturday, Sept. 12 on Zoom for Albertina Kerr’s Virtual Gala! We are all looking for ways to connect these days and this is one way we can gather while supporting Kerr’s essential, life-saving care. Let’s watch the livestream together. (add any fun details you would like — encourage everyone to enjoy their favorite beverage, suggest snacks, etc.)
    You can RSVP at I hope you will also consider making a gift to this incredible organization. During this unprecedented time, our support of Kerr’s Children’s Mental Health Services is needed more than ever. Please let me know if you can be there!
  5. Register yourself and any other participants in your household.
  6. On Sept. 12, open your Zoom meeting early. Go to the event website and test the share screen function in the bottom bar of the video window and wait for your guests to arrive. Try the share screen function with your guests so everyone is comfortable with the technology. Make sure they have their phones ready so they are able to bid!
  7. Spend some time connecting with your people, share why Kerr is important to you. At 6 p.m. share your screen and ask folks to mute. You should all be able to see each other in minimized video windows along the side of the screen. Open up the chat function and send messages to each other. Be sure to take a screenshot of your group! Send it to us at [email protected] and also post it to your social media using #24HoursofKerr.
  8. Close out your night with tons of gratitude for your guests and their generosity.

Frequently Asked Questions, click here.