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Dear Friends of Albertina’s Place,

As we look to the future and navigate the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the various parts of Albertina Kerr, we are now faced with a new normal that affects every aspect of our lives, including our beloved Albertina’s Place.

Because it is unclear if outbreaks of the virus will arise indefinitely, life as we knew it cannot fully return. One of the biggest challenges we are confronting is how to keep everyone safe once Governor Brown’s restrictions are relaxed.

After thoughtful consideration, it’s with a heavy heart that we have made the difficult decision to no longer operate the restaurant and shops at Albertina’s Place, effective June 30, 2020. There are many factors involved with our decision, including the financial impacts now and in the future for Kerr, but the most important one is the health and well-being of our volunteers, staff, customers, and the people Kerr serves.

This does NOT affect the essential, life-saving care at Kerr’s Children’s Mental Health facility and our services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These programs are open and will continue to serve Oregon’s most vulnerable citizens.

On the verge of its 40th year in business in 2021, Albertina’s Place has given our community countless memories—thanks to our steadfast army of volunteers and Kerr ambassadors. From annual Mother’s Day and Holiday Teas to Luncheon Learns, infamous bag sales, unique shopping experiences, and so much more.

We are incredibly grateful to the thousands of volunteers and customers—during these 40 years—who have supported the essential, life-saving work of Kerr.

We hope to identify future volunteer opportunities with Kerr, as well as hold an in-person celebration commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Albertina’s Place next year. Please stay tuned.

As this chapter in Kerr’s long history concludes, our hearts will remain full of the joy and friendship with so many in our community who have regularly patronized the restaurant and shops at Albertina’s Place.

We know this is a difficult decision to hear about and I can assure you that it and others being made at Kerr are necessary to ensure a solid foundation for the future of Kerr’s programs to benefit Oregon’s most vulnerable citizens.

With deep appreciation and gratitude,

Jeff Carr
CEO, Albertina Kerr