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Ricky Bearghost, a Native American weaver, has works reminiscent of breastplates on display at Webb Gallery in Waxahachie, Texas. According to the gallery curators, Bruce and Julie Webb, “We are in awe of his pieces’ composition and his exuding joy.”

Ricky, who taught himself how to weave at the Portland Art and Learning Studios, designed a 3’x4’ loom to create large, labor-intensive, sculptural works. His weavings incorporate handmade ceramic beads with objects he finds around his neighborhood, such as flora, twine, and other detritus, as well as paint. When describing his art, Ricky says, “I paint on the art. I put beads in the loom. I put sticks in the loom. I use a comb to push everything together.”

For 30 years, the Webb’s have been searching for self-taught artists to collect their creations and document their stories. Housed in a 10,000 square-foot 1902 building, 30 miles south of Dallas, the gallery hosts about five exhibits each year. Read more: