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Aj Erickson: The Empowering Job Coach Introducing
Aj, a remarkable Kerr job coach, is on a mission to empower the workforce in Multnomah and Clackamas counties. Aj cultivates trust, leading to a devoted following of clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities who embrace challenges and new experiences. With an attentive and patient demeanor, AJ has earned the heartfelt appreciation of clients and their families. In fact, Aj’s invaluable support has extended beyond our supportive employment services, as clients and their loved ones have welcomed Aj into various facets of their lives.

Aaron Vice: The Dedicated Behavior Specialist
Aaron’s, a vital member of Kerr’s fantastic Behavior Specialist team, contributions speak volumes. With a diverse caseload spanning kids to adults, Aaron handles every client with grace and professionalism. He’s a fierce advocate for every individual he works with, and his organization, responsibility, and dedication never fail to impress. To Aaron and the Behavior Specialist team: We are proud and grateful for everything you do.

Wendy Sale: The Beacon of Positivity 
Wendy is a force of positivity and compassion. Her presence brings an aura of care, tuning into the distinct needs of everyone around her. Her presence ensures a cheerful atmosphere, and she is known for her adaptability, handling any situation with grace. Wendy is a true representation of commitment, dedication, and unwavering positivity.

Ashley Chatfield: The Compassionate Professional
Meet Ashley, a beacon of patience, understanding, and endless kindness. She gracefully handles challenging behaviors, making a significant difference in the lives of clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Ashley’s genuine concern and care are transformative, and her impact on the community and clients is immeasurable. She consistently makes the world a better place for those she works with.

To all our highlighted employees and the countless others working tirelessly behind the scenes, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed, and we’re proud to have you on our team.