Art from the Heart was founded in 1995 as an alternative-to-employment program focused on creativity and community inclusion for individuals who were moving out of the Fairview Training Center, the state institution for people with disabilities. Over the years Art from the Heart has grown and developed into an art school, studio, and gallery for adults with developmental disabilities to create, exhibit, and sell their art. Albertina Kerr acquired Art from the Heart in 2012. Our mission is to foster each artist’s creative growth, build positive relationships within our community, and promote an awareness of the contributions of people of all abilities. 


  • Every person has inherent value as a human being.
  • Each individual has an unlimited creative potential.
  • Creative expression fosters personal growth and a feeling of self-worth.
  • Sharing creativity helps bring individuals together, as art is language everyone can use.
  • Being in community creates a sense of inclusion, a feeling of validation and a support network for individuals.


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Gallery hours
Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm

Studio hours
Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm


Art from the Heart
3505 NE Broadway Street
Portland, OR 97232